Russian as a foreign language

With every new year Russian language is becoming more international. Now there are more people around the globe speaking Russian than ever before and there is a valid reason for this popularity.

Speaking Russian will:

  • Help you find business partners on the vast Eastern European market
  • Improve your existing business partnerships by helping you understand your associates better
  • Help you integrate into Belarusian society faster by finding Russian-speaking friends, learning their culture and mentality
  • Enhance your resume, informing your potential employers that you can work on international projects
  • Be irreplaceable when you travel to the CIS countries
  • Make it possible for you to read classical and modern Russian literature in original as well as learn latest news and scientific research produced in Russian language
  • Improve your brain functioning and prevent memory deterioration since learning languages with complex grammar constructions such as Russian improves brain health

Meliora Language School is here to help you learn Russian as fast and easily as possible.

We offer:

  • Group classes for foreigners who stay in Belarus for an extended time period
  • Intensive short-term courses for those who come here for a short stay
  • Additional communicative lessons
  • Individual lessons with a tutor
  • Individual Skype lessons
  • Meetings with expats and locals in a relaxed atmosphere


We would be glad to answer any additional questions about our Russian language course.